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Lite Lease
Untagged MP3
Sell up to 200 units
Monetize 5000 streams
Non-Exclusive Rights
Instant Delivery
Premium Lease
Sell up to 2000 units
Monetize 25 000 streams
Non-Exclusive Rights
Instant Delivery
Platinum Stem Lease
+ Trackout
Sell up to 10 000 units
Monetize 150 000 streams
Non-Exclusive Rights
Instant Delivery
Unlimited Lease
Sell unlimited units
Monetize 5 000 000 streams
Non-Exclusive Rights
Instant Delivery
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Unlimited Distribution + Streams
Instant Delivery
Exclusive Rights


Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Who are you?

20 year old german kid. Been producing for a couple years. I love music as an art form because the medium (sound) is already "virtual" ;)

What are leased beats?

A Beat Lease Agreement allows you to incorporate a producer’s instrumental beat into a new recording. The producer maintains full ownership of the copyright in the beat while giving you either an exclusive or non-exclusive license to use the beat.

Do you offer Mixing/Mastering services?

Yes I do. My genres are Modern + Oldschool Hip Hop, Trap, everything in between and if you want to I will get experimental. If you just want a basic Mix + Master to make your track sound industry-ready I will do that for low. Just contact me: service@noizskulpt.com

Wieso ist deine Seite nicht auf Deutsch? (german)

Wenn ihr euch auf der Seite nicht zurechtfinden solltet - es gibt auch immer die Möglichkeit mich auf Social Media oder per Mail zu erreichen: music@noizskulpt.com

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New Video every Friday 5 pm. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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